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Library Books

After many years of service as club librarian, Vikki Sinclair will no longer be hauling crates of books around to meetings. Thank you, Vikki, for managing the Suncoast Library!

We will be holding the books at a storage location and only bringing requested volumes.

To check out books from the library:

Select a book from the link below and contact . You must be a current member on file in our data base. The book will be brought to the next in- person meeting or workday and you will need to sign the checkout form. Books must be returned at the next in- person meeting. The 2 reference-only volumes can be viewed at meetings by request.   Suncoast Library

Bring Home The Natives: Why plant natives? What is a native plant? What are some of the best native plants for central Florida  and where do I buy them? Your Central Florida native plant garden can be a success with the advice in this free, full-color downloadbale brochure.Produced and distributed by the Suncoast Native Plant Society. 

Do you need help identifying native plants?. Download this Plant Glossary from the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida by Richard P Wunderlin. Five pages of terms to describe the structure of plants. Great for identifying plants in the field. 

Looking for native plants for your landscape?  Go to and select Hillsborough County. You can make a list of plants based on your needs (sun, moisture, butterflies, etc.).  Each plant is linked directly to a list of nurseries that carry the plant.

Looking for a nearby retail nursery specializing in native plants: 

Download List

What is the Atlas of Florida Plants all About?  Presentation by Karla Alvarade, March 15, 2023, by Karla Alvarado, Curator University of South Florida Herbarium

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Cyperus by Randy Mears, June 17, 2020 This is the slides from a presentation made in an on-line Suncoast Meetinng, June 17, 2020.  Here you will find lots of really nice Cyperus images.



Trees for Hillsborough County Yards, January 20, 2021 Images and commentary on native trees to grown in home landscapes in Hillsborough County


Turf to Natives by Janet Bowers, September 16,2020   
Wetland Tubs, Janet Bowers, September 16, 2020  


Cypress Mulch:
Except for a few protected areas, the old growth Cypress forests in Florida are gone, and our existing young cypress trees are being clear cut for mulch. Find alternatives to cypress mulch for your garden, such as Pine,Melaleuca and Eucalyptus mulch.

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