Wednesday, January 20, 7 pm

(On-Line Meeting)

"Going Beyond Oaks in Our Planted Landscapes" , Shirley Denton

 Our program this month is a request from one of our Suncoast members. She asked about trees, other than live oaks, that are suitable for planted landscapes in Hillsborough County. This program will address that question and put it into the context of why one would choose specific tree species – shade, seasonality, flowers and fruits, wildlife, site conditions, landscape design, availability, etc. The program will consider Florida native overstory and understory trees that grow well in Hillsborough County. Most are found naturally in the county.

Shirley Denton is a longterm Suncoast Chapter member. She has a PhD in Forest Ecology and 30 years of experience as a plant ecologist.

A link to the meeting will be sent to members via email a few days before the meeting and will be posted on this page.

The board of directors will meet on January 12 at 7 pm. Contact any board member for details.

We will be back with in-person meetings as soon as our venues are open and safe.


Header image:  Lettuce Lake, photo taken on Suncoast Chapter Fieldtrip.  Photo by Shirley Denton.