Wednesday, April 21, 7 pm

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Program: "Carex", Randy Mears

The genus Carex is contained within the Family Cyperaceae (Sedge Family). Ironically, it is one of the least known genera to most people and happens to be the largest genus of flowering plants in the United States with more than 500 species represented. The unifying character of all Carex species is a structure called the perigynium which is a modified scale with fused margins which surrounds the pistillate flowers and is only open at the tip. This structure is paramount for separating all Carex species from one another. There are currently 73 species known to occur within the state of Florida.

This presentation will, in large part, be a photographic introduction to most of the species that occur in Florida.

Randy Mears is a Florida native born in Plant City. He has been studying Florida native plant species for more than 30 years and has become especially interested in grasses and sedges. He is a wonderful person to have show up a field trip since his knowledge of the sedge family plants comes with lots of field experience. Randy is a member of the Suncoast chapter.

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Header image:  Pine at Dead River Park, photo taken on Suncoast Chapter Fieldtrip.  Photo by Shirley Denton.