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The Suncoast Native Plant Society is looking forward to 2015. 

The newly elected board is planning for a great new year: 

We are already working hard to book great speakers for 2015, and we are off to a great start: 

There has been a change in speakers for January. Reed Noss will now be speaking on March 18th. Peggy Lantz will give her "Edibles" presentation on January 21st...

January 21, 2015: Florida's Edible Wild Plants

Peggy Lantz, author of Florida's Edible Wild Plants, will introduce you to a whole variety of gourmet treats using leaves, flowers, seeds and roots of Florida’s wild plants. She will tell you how to locate, identify, and prepare plants that may be growing in your back yard or the nearby woods.

A native Floridian, Peggy is a Florida Master Naturalist, musician, horseman, leathercrafter, outdoors woman, and editor and author. Her numerous publications reflect her many interests. She served as editor of the Florida Native Plant Society’s publications and its magazine, The Palmetto, for 15 years, and as editor of Florida Audubon Society’s magazine, The Florida Naturalist. More

March 18, 2015: Forgotten Grasslands of the South

Dr. Reed Noss, a highly acclaimed conservation scientist and author, will be discussing his book, Forgotten Grasslands of the South: Natural History and Conservation (Island Press, 2013). at our monthly meeting, 7 pm, Weds March 18.

Forgotten Grasslands of the South is a literary and scientific case study of some of the biologically richest and most endangered ecosystems in North America. Eminent ecologist Reed Noss tells the story of how southern grasslands arose and persisted over time and addresses questions that are fundamental for conserving these vital yet poorly understood ecosystems.

With a unique blend of science and personal observation, Dr. Reed Noss will provide fascinating insights into these little known ecosystems. He will demonstrate the importance of natural history to the practice of conservation. He will also discuss fire ecology in Florida and disturbance ecology. More

Banner Image: Red Lyre-leaf sage
by Donna Bollenbach

Published on  19.12.2014